Codex Palatinus Graecus 367: a Thirteenth-century Method of Determining Vessel Burden?

By Matthew Harpster and Nicholas Coureas, published February 2008


Codex number 367 in the Vatican Library consists of 195 folios. Folios 88b to 91a contain the Guild of Notaries for Cyprus’ transcription of a method for measuring vessel burden with standard-sized baskets. This article contains a translation of the relevant folios 88b – 91a, as well as an analysis of the calculation and vocabulary of the measuring method that may have been used in thirteenth-century Cyprus.    The analysis includes the relatively standardised method of determining burden, though it is not fully understood whether this is just ‘theory’, or was actually used in practice. Discussion is also provided in regards of the author of the folios, who is unknown, though it is believed to be compiled/copied by Constantinos Enteles Anagnostes, a monk and Head of the Guild of Notaries in Cyprus. (The folios are more widely known due to the passion play they contain.)

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Filed under: Medieval | Mediterranean
Subjects include: Archaeology | Shipbuilding & Design

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