Comparative Naval Architecture 1670-1720 Part III

By R. C. Anderson, published October 1921


Many models, books, plates and rigging-plans illuminate the English, Spanish, Danish, Russian and Venetian developments of the early 18c. The size of 90 gun three-deckers changed little though   ships became beamier compared to length.   Spanish and Portuguese ships threw a much heavier weight of metal than northern ships. Other notable design trends included the replacement of spritsail-topsail by the jib-boom, the wheel replacing the tiller possibly by evolving through an athwartship windlass, raising the chain-wales and combining the twin wales, replacing the square transom by the round tuck, roundhouses on the forecastle bulkheads, and decoration becoming plainer.

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Filed under: Atlantic | Baltic | North Sea | Other (Early Modern) | Mediterranean | Other (Eighteenth C) | Other (location)
Subjects include: Art & Music | Navies | Ship Models & Figureheads | Shipbuilding & Design

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