Construction and Purchase of Confederate Cruisers in Great Britain During the American Civil War

By Richard I. Lester, published February 1977


The Confederacy successfully built or purchased five commerce raiders in neutral Britain, despite Union opposition.  In 1862, the barque Florida was built in Liverpool, armed in Nassau, and later captured thirty-four ships.   The twin-engined barque, Alabama, was built in Birkenhead, armed in the Azores and sank seventy ships.  The iron steamer Georgia was purchased in Dumbarton, armed off France and made $400,000 in prizes before being sold.  The Rappahannock was bought, broke down in the Channel and remained in Calais.  The Shenandoah was bought in 1864, armed in Madeira and captured forty ships, especially whalers, before surrendering in Liverpool.

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Subjects include: Navies | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers | Strategy & Diplomacy | Weapons

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