Some Contemporary Prints of the First Britannia

By R. C. Anderson, published August 1940


Eight views of an English three decker found in Coronelli’s late 17th century collection are discussed. Comparison with a sketch by Van de Velde and painting by Sailmaker of the Britannia show close agreement. Comparison with the Sergison model of the Britannia also show close general agreement but with a number of detailed discrepancies in the decoration. The pictures show decoration in the style of Charles II while the model is in later 17th century style. It is suggested the model represents proposed new decoration for the Britannia shown on the hull of a discarded model of an unrealised rebuild of the Sovereign of the Seas. Reproductions of two plates and four photographs of the model are included.

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Filed under: Other (Early Modern) | Other (location)
Subjects include: Art & Music | Ship Models & Figureheads

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