The Declining Years of a Scots Barque

By Tomaso Gropallo, published November 1968


Fifty British sailing ships were sold to Neapolitan owners in the late 19c. Account books give operational details of two clippers owned by the Cafieros of Piano di Sorrento. “Sant’ Anna”, 1,277 tons, was bought in 1897, tramping worldwide until sold eventually to Genoese owners in the quebracho trade. She was scrapped in 1928. “Norman Macleod”, 860 tons, was bought in 1894 and tramped until 1902 when she ran aground in Madagascar. She was abandoned to the underwriters. As the “Clementine”, she continued trading until posted missing in 1917. No one today remembers the Cafieros or these old Clyde ships.

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