Development from Log to Clipper Part III

By D. D. Kirkaldy Willis , published September 1922


The dugout rather than the raft may be the predecessor of planked ships.   Predynastic Egypt used craft made of papyrus, ambatch, rush and acantha. Egyptian amphorae have ships, rowers and punters pictured; monuments and sarcophagi have larger sailing craft. The Phoenicians were, of political necessity, consummate navigators and traders; exploring from Malabar to the Baltic and, 2,500 years ago, circumnavigating Africa. These ships of Tyre had boards of fir, cedar masts, oak oars and linen sails. Later coins show Greek two-masted ram ships.   Under David and Solomon, Hebrews sailed the coasts of the Indian Ocean.

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Subjects include: Art & Music | Leisure & Small Craft | Merchant Marines | Science & Exploration | Shipbuilding & Design

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