Drake and his Detractors Part II

By Geoffrey Callender, published April 1921


In the second of this series the author considers another of Drake’s detractors, John Cooke. Drake’s crews included a significant number of young noblemen to prepare them for naval command, and Cooke was one of these. Cooke’s account of Drakes voyage only records the first, fractious section as his ship, Elizabeth, turned back after the transit of Magellan Strait. The author paints a picture of dissent and rebellion fostered by Doughty and effectively handled by Drake, in contrast to Cooke’s account which he suggests is biased by what he saw as Drake’s lack of respect of the ‘Gentlemen Adventurers’.

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Filed under: Atlantic | Tudors | Francis Drake | Mutiny & Discipline | Indian Ocean | Pacific
Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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