Eminent Marine Artists Part VII Ludolph Backhuysen

By Harry Parker, published September 1911


One of a series of articles on eminent marine. The author styles Backhuysen as “The Painter-poet of the Ocean” and praises his work for the “truth” of his presentations. The article gives a brief biography of the painter and lists his best known works as well as giving the then location where some of them might be seen.  Ludolph Backhuysen was born at Embden in 1631. His works may easily be distinguished by the freedom and neatness of his touch; the clearness and natural agitation or quiescence of the water; by a predominant grey tint of different shades. Backhuysen died November17th, 1708, aged 77. Afterwards a bag containing florins, corresponding to the number of years he had lived, was found in his chamber, together with a note, desiring that the money should be distributed amongst a certain number of painters (whose names were mentioned), and who should be invited to attend his funeral.

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