English Mariners and Ships in Seventeenth Century Dubrovnik

By Josip Luetic, published August 1978


Once Dubrovnik merchantmen voyaged all over the Mediterranean and into the Atlantic but as the great sea powers of the Netherlands, France and England ventured into the Mediterranean the Dubrovnik fleet declined in importance. By the first years of the seventeenth century the role of Dubrovnik merchants in transit trade between England and the Levant was almost non-existent. It was at this time that English traders and English ships, notably those of the English Levant Company, took over all commerce and shipping between English ports and the Levant. Privileges in export, import and transport transaction were granted. However English trade gradually declined until 1638 when the last ship bringing textiles arrived. From then until the end of the seventeenth century visits to Dubrovnik by English mariners and ships were rare.

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Subjects include: Merchant Marines

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