The Flag Officers’ and Captains’ Gold Medal, 1794-1815

By W.B. Rowbotham R.N., published November 1951


This article traces the history of the Naval Gold Medal from the time it was first conferred on the flag officers and captains of Earl Howe’s fleet following their victory in the battle of the First of June 1794 through to the last awards in 1815. It describes the medals themselves and their typical inscriptions. A full account is given of the medals awarded at the battles of the First of June, St Vincent, Camperdown, the Nile, Copenhagen, Trafalgar and St Domingo. Gold medals awarded, after 1798, to the captains of successful frigate actions are also recorded. Some of the complaints by officers who were, for one reason or another, left off the list of recommendations for awards, are considered. Finally the article describes how the medals were superseded, from 1815, by the award of the appropriate level of the Order of the Bath.

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Filed under: Napoleonic War | French Revolution | Other (location)
Subjects include: Miscellaneous | Navies

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