Forum Guidance For Contributors

This guidance has been prepared to assist Members when posting messages on the SNR discussion forums.

  1. This is not an anonymous forum, so members wishing to post must adjust their account in order to display their real name. Only one identity is allowed per member.
  2. Do try to give all necessary information on the initial post, and provide clear references.
  3. In the event of significant topic drift the moderator may start a new topic & move relevant posts to that topic.
  4. Although nothing should inhibit the spirit of immediate and open discussion that is the essence of the forum, please be aware that immediacy can bring its own problems. By contrast, in the printed Journal, Editorial control and the passage of time provide an inbuilt regulation.
  5. Members should bear in mind current law and good manners, and avoid any comments that will obviously offend.  The watchwords are legality and courtesy.
  6. The moderator(s) reserves the right to remove any submission considered inappropriate, and will advise the Member submitting that item.  Anyone who persists in posting such comment will have their access removed, although it is hoped that such draconian action will never be necessary.
  7. Positive suggestions to improve the forum are always welcome.