Francis Sheldon and his Family

By R. C. Anderson, published May 1957


This short article tells the story of the Englishman Francis Sheldon. Between 1658 and 1692, he built ships in Sweden, Denmark, England and Ireland, mainly in Sweden. He spent twenty years there, spanning two distinct periods, the first from 1658 to 1672, and the second one from 1677 to 1683. An interesting facet of his work in the Baltic was the development of a new shipbuilding yard at Riga in the late 1670’s. While directly employed by the Swedish government, he undertook private commissions, and also carried on a brisk trade in masts and spars with England. The reference to family in the title is explained by the family’s direct involvement in Swedish shipbuilding up to 1814.

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Filed under: Baltic | North Sea | Other (Early Modern) | Other (Eighteenth C)
Subjects include: Biography | Shipbuilding & Design

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