The “Grande Louise” Drawing

By R. Morton Nance, published November 1919


Nautically, as showing a typical ship of 1500, the picture is, perhaps, less satisfactory; yet it gives us many features by which to trace its relationship to such earlier carracks as served as models to artists like “W. A.” and his fellow-craftsmen of Italy, whose more careful work we already know. It is not as decorative or heraldic art, however, that we have been asked to look upon this picture, nor even as a merely representative, average ship of her time; for it makes the claim to be an actual portrait of one individual ship-the Grande Louise, Louise Amirale or plain Louise as she was variously called, the admiral ship of France.

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Filed under: High Middle Ages | Other (Early Modern) | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Art & Music | Shipbuilding & Design

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