‘Great England’s Glory’

By Richard C Fraser, published November 1953


Essentially a review and discussion of parts of Volume x of E M Tenison’s Elizabethan England: Being the History of this Country ‘In relation to all Foreign Princes’. In R C Fraser’s comments on the tenth volume of E. M. Tenison’s ‘Elizabethan England’ he has highlighted the modern interpretation of a number of historical events that have been passed down to us by the conventional histories available. These present day arguments have been extracted from previously un-calendared papers and can be seen as contrary to the traditionally accepted views of historians. Also commented on is an account of ‘The Island Voyage’ of 1597, previously unknown but now brought to light by the translation of Spanish papers.   Sir Walter Raleigh’s declaration on the honourable conduct of Lord Essex, previously ignored, but now brought forward, substantiates Essex’s forward thinking in warning against any treaty that would entail losses of hard-won assets, suggesting that Lord Essex was a brave and honourable soldier and that history had thus far dealt with him badly. The article finishes with a recommendation that the volume is the fount of knowledge for Elizabethan sea and land campaigning.

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