The Haaf Fishing and Shetland Trading Part II

By R. Stuart Bruce, published May 1922


In 1728, Gifford, a shrewd businessman and Chamberlain of Zetland, wrote letters to his agents.   A cargo of salted herrings and whitefish overwintered in Zetland. Six lasts of butter were consigned to Leith.   A long list of household goods were to be dispatched.   He complained to a Leith shipmaster of the high freights to Danzig or Gothenburg, the quality of lines from Bergen and the difficulty of obtaining cash in the islands, chartered a ship and mentioned the whitefish trade to Spain. He reported to the Earl of Morton on the finds from an Armada shipwreck, “El Gran Grifon”.

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Subjects include: Administration | Logistics | Merchant Marines | Whaling & Fishing

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