A Hanseatic Bergentrader of 1489

By R Morton Nance, published June 1913


The Hansard ports of the Fifteenth Century had the best found fleets of merchant ships in Northern Europe. A painted panel in the Marienkirche of Lubeck contains a representation of these vessels. Much detail of the ‘cage work ‘ of the fore and aft castles is shown as are ports in each of the castles. The configuration of the vessel is compared with other descriptions of contemporary ships. A figurehead of a warrior is described. Some details of the rigging are missing, possible due to haste on the part of the artist. A few features of the crew are also discernible.

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Filed under: Baltic | High Middle Ages
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Merchant Marines | Ship Models & Figureheads | Shipbuilding & Design

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