Hook, Line and Sinker: Fishing History – Where Have We Been, Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going

By Robb Robinson, published February 2011


The bibliography of the history of sea fishing is surveyed by an historian and writer in the field who grew up in a fishing community of the sort considered in the books discussed. The works described include notable waypoints, such as the paper on the Sea Fisheries and Fishery population of the UK by the then Duke of Edinburgh for the 1883 Fisheries Exhibition in London, Harold Innes’s seminal The Cod Fisheries in 1940, Edgar March’s descriptions of sailing fishing vessels around Britain in the 1950’s and Mark Kurlansky’s bestseller Cod: A biography of the fish that changed the world in 1997. The role of the North Atlantic Fisheries History Association and the History of Marine Animal Populations in research is discussed, with thoughts on further areas for future examination.

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Filed under: Atlantic | Other (Twentieth C)
Subjects include: Whaling & Fishing

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