The Identification of Models of Men-Of-War Part V

By Gregory Robinson & R.C. Anderson , published September 1912


A ship model at Greenwich which came from the collection of William VI is labelled ‘Winchelsea’, suggesting that it is a 32 gun ship built in 1694 and taken by the French in 1706. As a carving on the poop makes clear, however, it is in fact a model of the ‘Boyne’, 80, built at Deptford by Fisher Harding in 1692. The correct identification of the model does away with the idea that all the 80 gun ships of the last decade of the seventeenth century were three deckers or that the first 80 gun two deckers in the Royal Navy were taken from the French in the Seven Years’ War. Comparison of this model with the drawings of John Charnock is striking. The whole question of Charnock’s illustrations requires very careful consideration.

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Subjects include: Ship Models & Figureheads

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