Importing Nautical Knowledge: Nineteenth-century Specialized Journalism in Spain

By Itsaso Ibáñez, Luis-María Fernández-Martínez & Esperanza Díaz, published February 2012


In Spain, the advancement of science in the nineteenth century was hindered by political instability within the country. Very little domestic scientific production took place, and even less was done to keep abreast of the advances taking place abroad. In scientific and technical disciplines, knowledge transfer occurs primarily through specialized journals, whose readers may effectively track the spread of new ideas. This paper discusses the relevance of nineteenth-century Spanish nautical journalism in communicating advances in maritime knowledge, which it reviews through the spread of ‘new astronomical navigation,’ one of the key advances in nautical positioning of that century.

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Filed under: Atlantic | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Miscellaneous | Science & Exploration

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