Jean François Hodoul, Corsair of the Indian Ocean

By P.A.B. Thomson, published August 1997



Jean Francois Hodoul was one of the best known French Indian Ocean corsairs of the Revolutionary War of 1793 to 1801 after Surcouf, Lememe and Perroud. Unlike his more celebrated peers he did not return to privateering after the Peace of Amiens broke down in 1803. Instead he settled in the Seychelles, effectively neutral territory both before and after the brief period of peace, resuming his earlier career as a trading sea captain and developing new interests as a prosperous planter. In that archipelago, where his descendants, including a former minister and a former commander of the navy, still live, he is commemorated in the name of a tiny island in the harbour of the capital, Victoria, where he is said to have careened his ships; and also in the names of a river, a channel and a point.

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Subjects include: Navies | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers

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