John Cunningham’s Journal Part I

By L. G. Carr Laughton, published October 1923


John Cunningham was a surgeon in the Navy who write a Journal of 600 pages on board H.M.S. Cambridge, during a voyage to the West Coast of South America in 1824 and 1825. Presumably he would have published it, if Capt. Basil Hall had not forestalled him with a book printed early 1824. The interest of the Journal is the rebellion of the Spanish colonies. The Journal details the commissioning of the ship, her characteristics and rigging. When she set sail, there is a reference to the carnival on board when crossing the line and a call at Rio, where she met with a fleet of Brazilian warships. It follows a report of the weather during her sailing from Rio to Valparaiso, where is the end of this part of the paper.

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Filed under: Atlantic | English Channel | North Sea | Other (Nineteenth C) | Other (Eighteenth C) | Pacific
Subjects include: Biography | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

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