Law and the Florida

By Victor F.L. Millard, published November 1943


The law of the seas deals, among other things, with the cases of seizing or sinking enemy ships in war. As it is sometimes difficult to decide on the spot whether a seizure or a sinking was within the limits of the law if it affected a neutral ship or neutral cargo, claims may be raised long after hostilities are over. The article recounts the history of the Florida, a Confederate commerce raider built and registered in Liverpool in 1862 under the name of Oreto. After the end of the American Civil War the British government was held responsible for more than 4 million dollars in damages for unlawful seizures of neutral ships and/or cargoes by the Florida.

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Filed under: Atlantic | American Civil War
Subjects include: Administration | Merchant Marines | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers

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