Lord Bridport and the Spithead Mutiny

By Richard Saxby, published May 1993


While much has been written of the Spithead mutiny of 1797, little note has been taken of correspondence between Lord Bridport and the Admiralty while the Channel fleet was in a state of mutiny. Due to ill health, Lord Howe had resigned as C-in-C of the Fleet, leaving a rather untidy command structure, which resulted in Bridport’s appointment as C-in-C. The article discusses Bridport’s correspondence with the Admiralty and with the Prime Minister, dealing with the mutineer’s petition concerning pay, provisions, and unpopular officers. In the event, Lord Howe was persuaded to visit the Fleet and convince the delegates that their petition would be favourably considered.

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Filed under: English Channel | Mutiny & Discipline
Subjects include: Miscellaneous

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