His Majesty’s Armed Tender Lady Nelson 1799-1825

By Clifford W. Hawkins, published November 1969



The Lady Nelson, built in 1799, was one of the earliest commercial/naval centreboard brigs to be built. This paper describes the construction of this experimental brig, and the advantages and disadvantages of her construction in her deployment to survey the coasts of New South Wales. It goes on to describe Lady Nelson’s very active deployment, under a number of different captains, as a cargo carrier, survey ship, convict transport and Governor’s yacht for both Australia and New Zealand. After very long service, the experimental maid-of-all-work met her end at the hands of a band of Malay pirates.

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Filed under: Other (Nineteenth C) | Other (Eighteenth C) | Pacific
Subjects include: Logistics | Science & Exploration | Shipbuilding & Design

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