Man-of-War Boats Part I

By Rear Admiral Sir R Massie Blomfield, published September 1911


This article looks at the development of boats used by the Navy from the long boat to the Jolly boat. It describes where such boats were part of the ships configuration or were kept by the harbour for use by visiting ships, as was the case with some jolly boats. There is an extract from a 17th century dialogue in which an Admiral questions a Captain as to the kind of boats in use:  “As had been customary for at least 150 years, each ship possessed 3 boats, a long boat, pinnace, and skiff. In no list of equipments or stores are davits mentioned: the longboat was, apparently, still towed astern; it invariably was in 1625 when the Cadiz fleet lost every longboat in crossing the Bay of Biscay.”

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Filed under: Popular Topics | Other (Early Modern) | Other (Eighteenth C) | Internal Waterways
Subjects include: Leisure & Small Craft | Shipbuilding & Design

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