Man-of-War Boats Part II

By Rear-Admiral Sir R. Massie Blomfield, published January 1912


In this article the author describes the origin and uses of a number of boats carried by men-of war, mostly quoting 18th century sources. He differentiates between the pinnace (from pinewood, from which it was built) and the gig or galley by their size and number of oars; he describes the gig and the galley as ‘Captain’s boats’; and the smallest of service boats, the ‘dingey’ and yawl, the launch and the cutter. He also quotes an account of the wreck of the Wager in which the longboat is cut in two and lengthened by almost 12 feet.

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Filed under: Other (Eighteenth C) | Shipwrecks | Other (location)
Subjects include: Leisure & Small Craft

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