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The Northern Arch of Old London Bridge (1922)

By William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931)

This etching is part of a large collection of 123 Wyllie prints, mainly etchings, bought from the daughter of William Lionel Wyllie in 1985, the funds provided fully by the Society for Nautical Research. Wyllie was a Londoner and spent many years recording London maritime life.

This etching is one of Wyllie’s many views of the Thames and its shipping. It depicts men at work on the river, framed by the archway of Old London Bridge. It is signed and dated ‘W L Wyllie 1922’.

For his etching of ‘Old Waterloo Bridge’, also part of the collection purchased by the Society for Nautical Research, click here. For those interested in the history of the topography of London, this fascinating article Mariner’s Mirror article from 1912 explores the earliest known map of London, from 1535 with a particular focus on the shipping depicted, and for more information on Wyllie, his art and his techniques, read this important 1985 Mariner’s Mirror article.


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