Maritime Logistics and Edward I’s Military Campaigns: what can be Learnt from the Surviving Documentation?

By Susan Rose, published November 2013


This article examines the use made of shipping to support Edward I’s military campaigns. It concentrates particularly on the period 1299-1301 looking in detail at fleets assembled on the west coast in 1299-1300 and the east coast in 1300-1 to provide logistical support to English armies fighting in Scotland. The evidence relating to these fleets is examined while the arrest of shipping for royal service is placed in the context of what is known about the maritime resources of England as a whole at this time. The role of the Cinque Ports in providing ships for the Crown under their charter obligations is also considered.

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Filed under: Late Middle Ages | English Channel | North Sea
Subjects include: Administration | Manpower & Life at Sea | Navies | Shipbuilding & Design

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