The Maritime School at Chelsea

By H.T.A. Bosanquet., published November 1921


In the latter part of the 18th Century there were few facilities for the sons or orphans of sea officers to obtain a grounding in the elements of navigation and seamanship, before entering the Royal Navy. However in 1777 Mr Jonas Hanway, who had instituted the Marine Society some twenty years previously, evolved plans for a public school devoted to navigation in the military line. Ormand House in Chelsea was acquired and provided accommodation for twenty six scholars and staff. Age of admission was 11 to 12 years. The two year course, whilst predominately Mathematical and Navigational, with Drawing, also included small arms and swimming instruction. A novel feature of the school was a small rigged ship in the grounds, for the teaching of seamanship and evolutions. Unfortunately, owing to a difference of opinion amongst the governors, the school closed in 1787.

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