Master John Dee, Drake and the Straits of Anian

By E.G.R. Taylor, published May 1929


Dee’s association with the leaders of each successive voyage openly for the discovery of a new passage to Cathay has hardly been accorded its due weight. Abundant evidence of the close relationship between John Dee and Queen Elizabeth and her counsellors is to be found in the Compendious Rehearsal of John Dee, Nov. 9th, 1592. The evidence that Dee was in the counsels of those responsible for Drake’s venture is cumulative, if the various hints be considered together and not separately. Thalattokratia Brettanike was a phrase of John Dee’s coining, but his ill reputation as an alchemist and astrologer has obscured the efforts he made for the country he passionately loved.

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Filed under: Tudors | Francis Drake | Other (location)
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Science & Exploration | Strategy & Diplomacy

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