The Mayflower Part II

By J. W. Horrocks , published March 1922


Whether the financier merchants, or parishioners from Rotherhithe, went as passengers or crew is unclear. The records show that the “Mayflower” pilot, John Clarke piloted a three-hundred ton vessel to Virginia in 1611, was captured by the Spanish and released in 1616. He piloted another ship with cattle to Virginia in 1619 and was hired for the “Mayflower” in 1620 making a final voyage to Virginia in 1923.   The “Mayflower” returned from Virginia, taking but a month and then brought bay-salt from Rochelle in late 1621. By 1624, she is described as ‘in ruinis’ at Rotherhithe.

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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