Mediterranean Galley-fleets in 1725

By R.C. Anderson, published August 1956


In the first part of the eighteenth century the importance of the fighting galley diminished in its Mediterranean home, yet considerably increased in the Baltic. At war with Sweden, Russian-built galleys had gained such advantage within the Baltic archipelagos that a Swedish delegation was sent to study the galleys of France, Venice, Tuscany, and Malta. Abraham Falkengréen’s report dated 1726 provides comparisons of the hulls, masts, spars and oars of their various fleets; the number, rating, length and calibre of their guns; coloured drawings of their signal flags; and even an intriguing account of the French signal book.

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Filed under: Baltic | Other (Eighteenth C) | Mediterranean
Subjects include: Ship Handling & Seamanship | Shipbuilding & Design

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