Michiel Coignet’s Nautical Instruction

By Ad Meskens, published August 1992


Meskens’ article particularly examines in detail Coignet’s navigational theories, his improvements to Dutch navigational instruments and his contribution to navigational science. Coignet’s 1580 appendage “Nieuwe Onderwijsinghe” to de Medina’s “Arte de Navegar”(1545) is the only sixteenth century navigation manual of Flemish origin. This and theories in Coignet’s full book “Instruction Nouvelle,” his other writings and instrument adaptations are all evaluated and explored in depth. These include Coignet’s works on compass variation on the loxodrome, longitude calculations, and particularly detailed analysis of his nautical hemisphere derived from meteoroscope, and of serious improvements to the mariners astrolabe and the cross-staff.

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Filed under: North Sea | Other (Early Modern)
Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Science & Exploration

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