The Naval General Service Medal, 1793-1840

By Commander W.B. Rowbotham, R.N., published August 1937


The author of this article remembers Sir William Laird Clowes, who in his The Royal Navy, A History, refers to the medal of the title, together with a list of the officers to whom it was awarded, adding that it could contain some errors. This summarises the history of that medal for the Navy. The origin is the same as the similar one for the Army, and lists the gold ones given by the King between 1793 and 1815. Medals were not given after Waterloo. The Sultan of Turkey, in 1801 and 1840, rewarded British officers with medals. This fact motived many discussions and in 1844 it was brought up in the House of Commons, but it was not accepted. Later, when Her Majesty approved the medal, the Admiralty announced its grant by an Order, whose modification and explanations ruled since then, and are the main text of this interesting and well documented paper.

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