The Naval Repository

By L.G. Carr Laughton, published May 1912


A description is offered of this book, which the author under his initials, L.G.C.L., had mentioned in a note in the April 1912 edition. It was published in 1762 by ‘an Officer of the Navy’ who may be Captain Thomas Hanway, R.N. Intended for the instruction of boys who may seek a life in the Navy, it sets out the duties of officers from Captain to Swabber, describes punishments, gives details of the construction of a ship and an account of the ship’s rigging and equipment. The book concludes with lists of Royal Navy ships, their captains and allied matters.

(Note: this is a very rare book. In a comment on L.G.C.L.’s note in a note in the April 1912 edition the editor stated: ‘There is no copy of this book in the Libraries of the Admiralty, of the British Museum, or of the R. United Service Institution.’ In fact the only copy recorded by WorldCat, the online global catalogue of library collections, is in the National Library of Australia.)

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Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Navies | Ship Handling & Seamanship | Shipbuilding & Design

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