The Navy in the French Wars of Mary and Elizabeth: Part I Philip and Mary’s War 1557 – 1558

By Tom Glasgow Jr., published November 1967


After the conclusion of peace with France and Scotland in 1550 there followed a period of six years when England was free from any external threat. With the country wallowing in debt the Navy continued to be severely depleted until a chance intervention by Philip, for his own political ends, arrested the decline. When war with France was declared in 1557 the Navy was prepared once again for keeping the Narrow Seas clear of French ships, transporting an army to France and protecting the returning Atlantic fishing fleet through Scottish waters. Although not benefitting from the peace treaty which followed in 1558, England did emerge from the war with a Navy well led and better organised and managed than ever before in her history.

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Filed under: Tudors | English Channel | North Sea
Subjects include: Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

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