10 Facts about the Titanic

January 2022

This year commemorates the 110th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. Here are our top 10 facts about the Titanic to go with our newly-produced video animating a 3D model of the ship built with the ship’s original plans.

1. The Titanic was was the largest moveable man made object on earth.

2. No one had ever tried to build a ship the size of the Titanic or her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, ever before.

3. The Titanic hull was held together with over three million iron and steel rivets.

4. The lookouts were not issued with binoculars.

5. In 1912 there was no electronic navigation, positioning or collision avoidance systems. Judgment of course and speed was all done by eye.

6. The Titanic only had sufficient lifeboats for 33% of her passengers.

7. The iceberg was 100 ft tall, the size of an eight-story building, and with no light to reflect it, the iceberg appeared almost black.

8. The Titanic hit the iceberg at just under her top speed of ten metres per second.

9. Water poured in at seven tons per second, fifteen times faster than it could be pumped out.

10. Within 45 minutes, 1500 tons of water were in the front section of the ship, and she snapped in half.

We have also released an audio episode of the Mariner’s Mirror Podcast in which Dr Sam Willis speaks with Don Lynch, the man who has spoken to more survivors of the Titanic disaster than anyone else alive.

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