2021/2 Online lectures continue with Second World War Maritime history

January 2022

SNR Virtual Winter Lecture Series 2021/2

In the latter part of 2021 The Society announced a new series of  virtual Winter Lectures, offered exclusively to Full Members of the SNR. This is a trial activity designed to provide members with greater benefits from their membership and it is hoped that we will be able to develop it further.

The next lecture will take place on 19 January (see below), with more to follow – see our Members Events page (you must be a paid member and be logged into the SNR website) for how to book. You can join the SNR here.

19 January 2022 -Prof. Evan Mawdsley: “Writing Global Maritime History: The Second World War”

The maritime war of 1939-1945 was literally global; in addition, the fighting took place in three dimensions, not only on the surface of the seas, but also above and below. Even producing a clear narrative, one which pays fair attention to the contrasting efforts of various states and integrates very different theatres of operations, is  a daunting task. The ultimate challenge is saying something genuinely new on a subject about which so much has already been written.

16th Feb. 2022 – Dr Helen Doe : “The First Atlantic Liner”


16th March 2022 – Prof. Crosbie Smith  “The Sea’s Capricious Fury: Writing the History of Ocean Steam Navigation”


13th April 2022 Dr David Davies “Saving Victory: The Society for Nautical Research, Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee and the Creation of the ‘Save the Victory’ Fund” – A Lecture to Mark the Centenary of the Save the Victory Fund