Annual Boydell & Brewer Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Maritime History

October 2017

Nominations are now open for the British Commission for Maritime History‘s annual Boydell & Brewer Prize for the best doctoral thesis in maritime history.

Subjects eligible for consideration reflect the Commission’s view of maritime history as a wide-ranging discipline.

Nominations may be submitted by the candidate, or by their supervisor. All doctorates must have been awarded by a UK university during the academic year preceding the prize (for example, to be eligible for the 2017 prize, the PhD must have been awarded in the academic year 2016-17).

Judging is by a Prize Committee, whose decision is final. The prize winner receives a cheque for £200, which is normally presented by the representative of Boydell & Brewer at the annual ‘New Researchers in Maritime History’ conference. The prize winner’s thesis will also be considered for publication in a revised form by Boydell & Brewer, who are allowed first right of refusal to publish.

Nominations should include in the first instance the following:

  • The name of the prize candidate, the title of the thesis, the awarding university, and the date of the award;
  • The Abstract of the thesis;
  • A chapter from the thesis;
  • A covering letter from the supervisor of no more than 500 words, stating why the thesis is so outstanding that it should be considered for a prize;
  • Contact details for the prize candidate and their supervisor.

If the Prize Committee deems that the thesis merits serious consideration, a copy may be requested. Please note that we will be unable to return this.

The closing date for nominations for the 2017 prize is 1 January 2018.

For further information, and to submit a nomination, please contact the Hon Secretary.

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