Book Launch of “A New Naval History”

January 2019

Join us for the launch of A New Naval History with Dr Quintin Colville, Dr James Davey and respondantsAll are welcome and there is no need to book.

The launch takes place on 29th January in Wolfson Room I, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London, WC1E 7HU, starting at 5.15pm with a wine reception from 6.30pm.

A New Naval History brings together the most significant and interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary naval history. Edited by Quintin Colville (Royal Museums Greenwich) & James Davey (University of Exeter), it includes chapters by Evan Wilson, Elaine Chalus, Mary Conley, Cindy McCreery, Daniel Owen Spence, Katherine Parker, Cicely Robinson, Barbara Korte, Jonathan Rayner, Emma Hanna and Jan Rüger.

The last few decades have witnessed a transformation in how this field is researched and understood and this volume captures the state of a field that continues to develop apace. Published by Manchester University Press, the book examines – through the prism of naval affairs – issues of nationhood and imperialism; the legacy of Nelson; the socio-cultural realities of life in ships and naval bases; and the processes of commemoration, journalism and stage-managed pageantry that plotted the interrelationship of ship and shore.

A New Naval History marks an important intervention into wider historiographies that will be read by scholars from across the spectrum of social history, cultural studies and the analysis of national identity.

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