Call for Abstracts: “Sea Lines of Communication: Discovery” Conference

March 2016


The Southampton Marine and Maritime Postgraduate Group (SMMPG) would like to invite abstracts for a multidisciplinary conference. SMMPG is a collaboration between the University of Southampton’s postgraduate academics, the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI), and Lloyd’s Register. The group aims to encourage multidisciplinary  research by fostering discourse between many disciplines, from shipbuilding to archaeology and oceanography to literature.

The theme of the conference is Discovery, which is meant to be taken in a broad sense. As such, ideas for papers include (but are not limited to):Lloyds-Register-Logo

  *   how do you rediscover centuries-old maritime history?

  *   the discovery of new technologies to address current problems

  *   new ways of improving mariners’ physical and mental health

  *   how do new and novel technologies affect the interpretation of the law?

  *   how does our understanding of maritime geography influence literature?

  *   how do we adapt to the effects of global climate change?

We are accepting abstracts from postgraduate and early-career researchers in any discipline, for papers which resonate with the theme of Discovery and relate to any four of the SMMI’s broad themes: ● Society & Government ● Trade & Transport ● Energy & Resources ● Climate & Environment. For further information, please see this flier.

Please send your proposal (250-300 words) and any queries to by 1 April, 2016.


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