Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships at the National Archive and Science Museum

November 2015

The National Archives and Science Museum have announced that they are offering CDP (Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships) studentships to start in 2016, a number of which are dedicated to, or have possibilities in the maritime field. The National Archives have three studentships to be filled, and the Science museum six. They are looking for project submissions for studentships in the following areas:
National Archives:
  • Maritime exploration
  • Photographs 
  • Portraiture 
  • Conservation issues and practice
  • Slavery and abolition
  • Empire
  • Archival/ information studies topics
  • Museology/visitor experience subjects
  • Costume/uniforms/dress/gender
  • High Court of Admiralty prize jurisdiction in the long eighteenth century
  • First World War
  • Social history of the Anglo-Dutch wars in the late seventeenth century
Science Museum:
·         Exhibiting, interpreting and collecting science, technology, engineering and medicine
·         Using collections and archives to understand the material culture of science, technology, engineering and medicine
·         International perspectives on science, technology, engineering and medicine
·         Science and technology as practice
To apply for the National Archives studentships, please contact the research team to discuss a potential topic for collaboration by emailing If the proposal is supported, we will ask University partners to complete an application form using the guidance document.
To apply for the Science Museum studentships, please contact The application and guidance can be found here.
The deadline for applications is 27 November 2015.

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