Conference: The Environmental Histories of Ports and Ocean Trade

May 2015

The Centre for Port and Maritime History [CPMH] has announced its annual conference: The Environmental Histories of Ports and Ocean Trade which will be held in Liverpool 18-19 September 2015.


The Teutonic leaving Liverpool NMM: BHC3657

CPMH have issued a call for papers outlining the principles behind the conference along with a list of potential topics.

These include:

– Ports and environmental knowledge

– Environmental histories of oceans, estuaries, and marine life

– The role of ships in connecting transoceanic ports

– Ports in the age of sail versus the age of fossil fuels

– Ports in temperate and tropical worlds

– Ports as exotic and liminal environments

– Ports, urban development, and pollution

– Ports, tourism and the environment

– The environmental histories of fishing industries and fishing ports

– Commodities, empires, and expansion?

– Changing port and riparian topographies and ecologies

– Quarantines: human and non-human

– Environmental history, ports and food systems (from cuisine, to food security, to the

   political economy of international food trade)

– Ports as sites of biological – and other – invasions

– Ports and climate history

– The built environments of port landscapes and waterscapes: histories and legacies


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