Exeter Centre for Maritime Historical Studies Seminar Programme

January 2019

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The University of Exeter Centre for Maritime Historical Studies spring and summer seminar programme (PDF) has been announced:

16 January 2019 ‘Taking its Toll: Naval Life on the 1920s China Station’ Matthew Heaslip (University of Portsmouth) Amory B106, 5pm

6 February 2019 ‘The Patterns of Insanity in the Royal Navy 1789-1817’ Catherine Beck (Institute of Historical Research) Joint seminar with the Centre for Medical History Amory B105, 5pm

20 February 2019 ‘The Royal Navy and the American Revolution’ Stephen Conway (University College London) Queens, LT 4.1, 5pm

13 March 2019 ‘The Age of Revolutions and Empire in the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ Sujit Sivasundaram (University of Cambridge) Joint seminar with the University of Exeter Centre for Imperial and Global History, Queen’s LT 4.2, 4.30pm

20 March 2019 KEYNOTE LECTURE: ‘The Second World War at Sea, from Top to Bottom: A Braudelian Look at the Allied Victory’
Paul Kennedy (Yale University), time and venue to be confirmed

8 May 2019 ‘Mediterranean Entrepreneurs in the First Global Age: Networks, Personal Trajectories and Circulation in the 17th Century’ Josep San Ruperto (University of Exeter) Harrison 215, 5pm

The seminar programme is free to attend and is sponsored by the Society for Nautical Reasearch.

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