Historic Barge Urgently Needs Saving

August 2016


Historic Thames Barge M.B. Fountain, on the National Register of Historic Vessels, which has been laying on the river Colne on the Suffolk / Essex border for a number of years as a static museum ship, is in imminent danger of being scrapped due to loss of mooring.

Built at WJ Yarwoods in Cheshire in the early 1950s, Fountain started work in the 1950’s for C. Crawley, a bunkering service based out of Gravesend who provided oil, water, and provisions to vessels visiting the Thames and Medway. She worked the Thames for over 40 years, supplying fresh water to a myriad of ships, yachts, and working vessels, including H.M.Y. Britannia and other VIP visitors to the Thames.

Her current owners would like to make Fountain seaworthy again, and bring her back to her working home of the Thames, but first she will need pilotage, a full dry dock assessment, and any repairs that are necessary to make her seaworthy again.

For those interested or able to help, Fountain’s owners can be contacted here, while a donations website can be found here.

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