HMS Warrior Future Secure

April 2015

Great news this month from National Historic Ships UK. The immediate future of the Royal Navy’s first iron warship, HMS Warrior, has become secure with a grant of £2.6 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund [HLF]. In a statement from the HLF it was revealed that the ship was in need of significant repairs if it was to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The bulwarks and water bar that make the junction between the deck and iron hull watertight have failed and are deteriorating to a point which places the future of the ship at significant risk.

Essential conservation work to replace the bulwarks and water bar on both sides of the upper deck must be carried out.

The complex and skilled work will now be undertaken in sections over the next two years and will protect both the ship and public access to her.

The repair and restoration works will be part of a wider £3.6m project ‘HMS Warrior 1860 – Revealing the Secrets of Shipwrights and Sailors,’ which will also see the HMS Warrior archive collections digitised.

HMS <i>Warrior<i/>

HMS Warrior features in several articles in our Mariner’s Mirror archive. To read about HMS Warrior in the context of ironclad development, read this important article from 1964.

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