Last Cross Channel Hovercraft In Danger

February 2016

hovercraftNews has emerged that the last two, big S.R.N.4 cross Chanel hovercraft that formed Britain’s high-speed link with continental Europe from their introduction in 1968 to their decommissioning in 2000, are in danger of being scrapped to make way for housing. Currently stored at but not owned by the Hovercraft Museum, which rests on the site of the former Royal Navy base, H.M.S. Daedalus at Lee-on-Solent, the two hovercraft, Princess Anne and Princess Margaret, are scheduled to be cut up unless a solution can be found to enable their continued storage out of the way of planned development.

A petition to save at least one of these remarkable and iconic examples of British engineering has been put together by the Hovercraft Museum and can be found here.



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