Lusitania Telegraph Machine “Lost” During Unsupervised Recovery

March 2017

Credit: NMM PAF1553

A telegraph machine, thought to hold vital clues to the sinking of the luxury liner R.M.S. Lusitania after it was torpedoed in 1915 with the loss of 1,201 lives, has apparently been lost during an unsupervised recovery attempt.

The legendary shipwreck, eleven miles off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland, is owned by American businessman Gregg Bemis who authorised the attempted recovery of the telegraph by Diver Eoin McGarry on 13th July 2016, despite the absence of an archaeologist, which is usually required under the regulations protecting the wreck.

The telegraph had been attached to an air filled lift bag that was supposed to bring it to the surface for recovery. Instead the bag lost air on its upward journey, depositing its precious cargo back on the sea bed where it has yet to be rediscovered.

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