Maritime History North – Autumn Conference – Three Admirals

March 2021

To be held at the Athenaeum, Church Alley, Liverpool Friday 22 October 2021

Mahan, Tirpitz and Fischer

The speakers will deliver presentations on the ‘Three Admirals’ listed below who each in their time contributed greatly to the development of world wide naval strategy. This was during a period when Great Britain was expanding her world wide Empire for which sea power was crucial, Germany was seeking to become a significant industrial and political power in mainland Europe and was additionally developing her world wide ambitions. The United States was at the same time building her economy and expanding her world wide influence. Sea power was a necessary prerequisite without which the national ambitions listed above could not be met. The Admirals covered in todays conference played a pivotal role in supporting the geo-political ambitions of their respective National Governments and simultaneously brought a permanent change to the Maritime Strategy of the major powers.


10.30 – Registration and Coffee

11.00 Welcome and Opening Address Captain R M Eddleston OBE RD*RNR

11.15 Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan USN, the inventor and evangelist of Sea Power – Professor Eric Grove

12.15 Lunch

13.15 Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz Imperial German Navy and the “Tirptiz Trap” – Captain Jeremy Stocker MA PhD RNR

14.15 Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Arbuthnot Fisher, First Baron of Kilverstone: the Myth and Reality – Dr Scott Lindgren

Lt Cdr John Glover- “The Sea Urchins”

15.15 Discussion chaired by Captain Eddleston



To register please contact Alison Telfer


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