Maritime History North – Autumn Conference

July 2022

Save the Date!

12th October – Piracy: Ancient and Modern

The annual conference of Maritime History North this year is all about piracy, from its beginnings in the West Indies, how it spread – and is still spreading – globally – ‘to the shores of Tripoli’ as well as the modern problems. The conference will look at the rise – and fall – of the so-called Golden Age of piracy; the current problems in seas off Somalia and West Africa and the South China Seas; the impact of this ‘curse’ on the seafarers themselves (and their families and communities) and the role of The Royal Navy, both then and now, in combatting this problem.
And just to make the day more exciting, the conference will be held in the beautiful Banqueting Hall of the historical Trinity House (established 1505) in Broad Chare in Newcastle upon Tyne, just off the Quayside which will include a guided tour.
More details will follow shortly.


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